We do what we like, we take 100% mexican products all around the world.


An exporter of handmade crafts, organic, with denomination of origin, among the most important mexican products. 

We promote fair trade and support communities throughout the country.


Social Bussiness

Our social business model seeks the economic and sustainable development of small producers, artisans and farmers through a scalable system with the development of productive products, which allows them to leave the situations of vulnerability in which they live day by day.

We export everything that is produced in México.

Our core-business is the global industry supplier consolidated in more than 77 countries of Latin America, Europe an Asia.

Mission Statement

Import an export of various sectors

  • Agroindustry
  • Textile
  • Artisan

International Trade

  • Organic products
  • Certified products
  • Products with denomination of origin

Transportation and Logistics Services

  • Shipping
  • Air

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We want the world knows what Mexico is made of